Peeking into a shop filled with spices in the Spice Bazaar, Istanbul

Although I like to think of myself as unique and, therefore, exceedingly special person, I am glad to be part of a much larger trend in this case:

Americans have become exponentially more adventurous eaters since the 1970s. As I was born in 1980, I certainly must be part of that trend. I should write more about this another time, how my family fostered flavor-curiosity, sampled different ethnic cuisines whenever we could, and–basically–didn’t accept “I don’t like that” as an answer.

THIS July 30, 2010 story from NPR (always better heard than read, by the way) talks about the various ways in which Americans have become more diverse, both demographically and in all things culinary. One way in which this is manifest is we buy more and more varieties of spices.

All of the talk of spices in the radio story made me think of the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul; hence the opening blog-post-picture. I really must go back, mustn’t I? But until I do, it’s good that my palate can wander right here at home.