Ich bin ein Löwe!    (Rawr)

Ich bin ein Löwe! (Rawr)

Okay, okay! I get it. I may not be cut out for this blogging thing. I’ve got to start thinking of it as a series of smaller projects. Such an approach has NOT, however, revolutionized my success as at keeping my house clean, so I don’t expect fabulous results here either.

My blog has been silent. But rest assured that I have not. I speak German here nearly as much as I speak English when at home. My chatterbox status translates, I guess, to any linguistic platform. The frequent speaking helps, I think, but I make tons of mistakes, focusing rather on getting my idea across. The biggest difference in my talkativeness here, I guess, is that I sound like a poorly-educated foreign child, whereas at home I’m at least occasionally articulate.

I’ve actually been doing SO much every day that it now seems insurmountable to go back in blogging and catch up on everything I’ve done, so I’m just going to do posts as they strike me, hopefully more frequently, and allow things to flow a little more naturally. Apparently adding perceived blog-homework to my already full Berlin-days sparked a little rebellious streak in me.

(Lass mich in Ruhe! is literally “Leave me in peace!” but is better translated translated, “Leave me alone!” I added a “please” to be polite: that’s the “bitte” part. I’m not telling YOU, my few, actual readers, to leave me alone or to stop attempting to read my blog. But such a comment is aimed at my imagined reader who–in my mind–thinks my posts are too trivial or too infrequent or must be beautifully crafted in order to deserve posting. I don’t mean to direct my lion’s roar at any real person, honest.)