a normal sight for me

a normal sight for me

As a student in an intense New Testament Ph.D. program, sometimes I feel my interest-world closing in around me. I learn more and more about this collection of 27 books—and especially the one, awesomest text of them all, the Gospel According to Mark—but in so doing I become dumber and dumber about other things. For instance, I used to know what a mole is in chemistry. I used to play the trombone. I used to draw and paint and work in a church archives. Most of the time now, I read about the New Testament, write about the New Testament, and grade unending stacks of papers on the New Testament.

Cuban food

Those of you who know me, of course, know that I buck against this singularity of focus. I listen to podcasts religiously and attempt to be full of facts regarding the world around me. I love German and am starting an adventure to be better at it. I have pop cultural interests: TV shows, music, and movies to which I have degrees of allegiance. I like to read and have broken my former, pitiful trend of only reading for school by reading at least six novels since October.

Baltimore Bomb, anyone?

Baltimore Bomb, anyone?

But the interest that I don’t have to put forth effort to sustain is most broadly categorized as an interest in adventure. This craving for the new and strange takes two much more specific forms: 1) a fascination with (or addiction to) travel; and 2) a desire for weird, special, or interesting food. These two expressions of my love for new experiences are fantastic in combination!

A Philadelphia mosaic

My travel destinations need not be exotic. I’m happy with a trip to Halo Farm and the Trenton Farmer’s Market just down Route One from our home.

I’m thrilled with a new museum exhibit or a ticket to a play in a nearby theater. I’m even more ecstatic when a trip for a professional conference gives the opportunity to get in tune with the pulse of a new town and try some local specialties. I love to camp and hike and go to the beach. I love a good roller coaster and the shrill scream that belongs with it.

In the Cascade, Idaho snow

Not only to I love travel and eating while I’m traveling (or home, trying out a hidden, local gem), but I have opinions about these things. If you travel somewhere I have been, you’ll probably have to hear about these opinions. So, a travel and food blog has been something that has been percolating in my brain for a few months now. It also gives me increased license to indulge my penchant for taking food photos (often to the chagrin of my long-suffering husband).

So, when my trip to Berlin came together, I thought that this would be a perfect time to begin. I’m going to want to update friends and family, but might prefer the interactive format of a blog better than a weekly mass email. Honestly, though, I hope it won’t stop here. Charlie and I have gotten really good at finding an adventure around every turn, something that punctuates our everyday life with some spice, literally or figuratively. Here it goes.