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Daily Radar: 07.15.10 – Intelligent Travel Blog.

See a predominant brand?

Lonely Planet is the guide I trust for travel. They’re not always right in their praise or nay-saying, but they’re good at finding what’s really worth seeing in a place, and ignoring what turns out to be only touristy hype.

My stack of travel guides in the photo to the left demonstrates that they’ve won my allegiance. I don’t know where my guides for Great Britain, Turkey, Austria, and the Czech and Slovak Republics are … but those are all Lonely Planet too! Quite the stash!

So, when I found out from the linked blog post above that Lonely Planet is posting suggested U.S. Road Trips to their Facebook page, I said, “Yes, please!”

(It’s item #2 of the Intelligent Travel Blog’s Daily Radar. I’ve found great things–like the International Food Festival in Prague, for instance–by subscribing to National Geographic Travel’s blog presence.)

I already looked through the New Jersey Diners road tripping guide and it makes me want to try some of them out. I mean, I’m a bit put out that they entirely scooted by MY AREA of New Jersey (Central Jersey) and just went for North Jersey and the Shore … but it’s also even more helpful that way, since I already know about most of the good diners around here. And if you want to know good diners in Central Jersey, you can just ask me. 🙂 A win for us and a win for Lonely Planet again, eh?


My breakfast at Shades in Ocean Beach

Well, I didn’t name the blog the “Wandering Palate” because I like to stay put …

My last post was about the U.S. Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C., to which I’ve been twice (once in May 2008 and the second time in July 2009). In this post, I’m recollecting a breakfast spot on the opposite coast. In San Diego, to be more precise. When we were in San Diego in March, a family friend took me to breakfast at Shades in Ocean Beach. I think it’s a popular breakfast spot. Admittedly, many people have been to the restaurant more often than I have. Many people have tried more menu items than I have.

But let me recommend the one I had: the Calamari Benedict. The menu described it this way: “Our famous Eggs Benedict with a tender, breaded, grilled Calamari steak in place of the traditional Canadian bacon.” Charlie’s the eggs benedict lover in our family, but I’ve always liked the dish from the tastes off his plate that I’ve had. What sold me on ordering this, however, was the promise of calamari steak.

The texture took some getting used to because there was just so much calamari. I’m not complaining! But the hollandaise was rich and creamy. The coffee was good and the view is wonderful. Try it, if you’re in the area.