Orchids at the National Botanic Garden

Within eyeshot of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., lies a gem that <<I suspect>> is overlooked by its illustrious next door neighbors, Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum, as well as the American Indian Museum. But for a rejuvenating break from the race to see it all the U.S. capital, I highly recommend the United States Botanic Garden.

White orchids

For the museum lovers like me, everything is helpfully labeled.

It's kind of like how I used to label every person in my drawings.

The center room with a in-the-trees walkway is rainforesty and humid. But all of the climates in this big country of ours are represented in the garden.

Cactus with built-in bling

It’s a great, picturesque place to visit.

Spotted orchid and its friend

Bleeding Heart Vine

There's so much to see, take time to soak it all in.

This was definitely one of my most favorite sites in Washington, D.C.