This blogging thing has me so scattered it’s not even funny. I have so much more Berlin to talk about, yet I was inspired to share these amusing photos displaying my celebrity. I apparently am the namesake of a store in Prague. I have since looked it up and have discovered that my name means “cart” in Czech. I think that’s a little less glorious than Kara meaning “black” in Turkish. Nevertheless.

(Obviously, more on Berlin, food, and Prague later.)



There I was in Prague on Monday, June 1, absolutely lost, running out of time to find an entrance to an underground Metro station, which I needed because my booked train back to Berlin was leaving in less than 30 minutes. I was starting to get really freaked out when I saw this:

A male model and Kara

A male model and Kara


Kara? Hello … ?

I couldn’t help but stop in my tracks and smile. All my nervous-travel-anxiety melted away. It, and the first photo, were like a beacon of hope for me. I’d had a great weekend in Prague, but I was very conscious of being alone. And pretty clueless in the Czech language, to boot. (About all I could manage was a word that sounds like “Ahoy” and means both “hello” and “goodbye.”)

I pulled out my iPhone, snapped these two pictures, then looked up and saw my metro entrance, Mustek. I breathed a sigh of relief and made my next two connections in record time (with some unfortunate sprinting up one of the longest escalators ever) in order to–at the last second–slide through closing doors of an almost-departing train. But I did it.

I felt like a traveling Wunderkind. I defied the odds: 1) was lost alone in a city where I speak one word of the local language; 2) am already a nervous traveler regarding departure times [just ask poor Charlie! But, I say, it’s with good reason: I’ve missed a few flights, etc., in my day]; 3) time was dwindling; and, 4) a miraculous store with my name directed me with its signs to the right entrance to the public transportation!

And then I arrived at my outbound train station, Praha Solevice, about 4 minutes before the scheduled departure of my train to Berlin …

and discovered that my departure was delayed 25 minutes anyway. Impromptu stair sprints and miracle store signs may not have been necessary after all.

But still. I am kind of a big deal in Prague.